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    Emerging Technologies in Distance Education -- Outstanding...106
    blog entry posted September 7, 2010 by Richard E Lillie, tagged research in Teaching with Technology > TwT public
    Emerging Technologies in Distance Education -- Outstanding Resource
    intro text:

    In July, 2010 AU Press (Athabasca University, Canada) published a book that I think you will find is an excellent resource for ideas about using technology in teaching and learning.  The book entitled Emerging Technologies in Distance Education is edited by George Veletsianos.

    AU Press makes the book available for free in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.  You may download the entire publication or selected chapters.

    This book is worth exploring.  It may not turn you into a "pro from Dover" (to draw on the line from the movie Mash).  However, it should help you better understand how to use technology when you design course materials and share them with your students.


    Rick Lillie (Cal State, San Bernardino)

    Emerging Technologies in Distance Education

  • Julie Smith David
    Will the iPad change things?66
    blog entry posted March 30, 2010 by Julie Smith David in AAA HQ & Digital Services Blog public
    Will the iPad change things?

    iPadWith the launch of Apple's iPad drawing near (anyone counting down till April 3?), I wondered what your impressions were of this device - or others like it.  From what I'm reading, this could be interesting for several reasons:

    • Book reading:  with the ability to download from iBook and with an Amazon Kindle application, will this device finally make e-books a possiblity for students?
    • Web surfing:  with wireless capabilities in all, and G3 in the ones due later this month, is anyone considering carrying this instead of a lap top when you're travling?  Would you consider having students use it during class?
    • Applications store:  there is an army of developers who are working on creating the next "killer apps" that will take advantage of the proven operation system - and the relatively large 9.7 inch touch screen.  What applications will make a difference to you?  Your students?  (I just read about a paint program;  if it could be overlaid on books or documents so I could edit like a tablet, that would be HUGE for me).

    What are your thoughts!  Please use the comments to share!

  • Shifei Chung
    Should a Financial Literacy Course be required in the...42
    ELS session posted August 5, 2010 by Shifei Chung in Annual Meeting 2010 > Annual Meeting 2010 Proceedings public
    Should a Financial Literacy Course be required in the General Education Program for All College Students?
    names(s), affiliation(s):
    Shifei Chung (Rowan University) & Ramesh Narasimhan (Montclair State University)
    August 3, 2010 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Julie Smith David
    Managerial Accounting40
    question posted April 26, 2010 by Julie Smith David in TEST student community public
    Managerial Accounting

    I'm working on Phase 5 of a project, and can't figure out how to go from costing to 5 year projections.

    date needed:
    May 13, 2010
  • James C Gaa
    Ethics Education Boot Camp36
    CPE session posted July 26, 2010 by James C Gaa in Annual Meeting 2010 > Annual Meeting 2010 Proceedings public
    Ethics Education Boot Camp
    leader(s), affiliation(s):
    Mohammad AbdolMohammadi
    session description:

    Notes for session on course in "Information, Ethics and Society"

    James Gaa

    July 31, 2010 3:00pm - 6:30pm
  • James Serocki
    Tax Careers34
    discussion posted September 15, 2010 by James Serocki in The Official Pathways Commission > Pathways Discussion Page public
    Tax Careers

    I would be interested in participating in a discussion in how best to provide business students (likely accounting majors) sufficient timely information to properly consider a tax career. It appears the recruiting process (e.g. for internships), primarily by CPA firms, comes early in a student's academic process usually junior status, often before any tax courses are taken. Therefore, most students being recruited, have only educational exposure to accounting through their course work and defer to a selection of assurance. As an academic (former practitioner) teaching taxation in a business school, my concern is that some changes need to be made in order to provide accounting majors a balanced exposure to all aspects of a career in accounting, including taxation.  This change process should be a collaborative effort by academia and potential employers (e.g. CPA firms, industry, government). 

  • Richard E Lillie
    Welcome to Teaching with Technology , a new blog feature...30
    about posted July 2, 2010 by Richard E Lillie, tagged teaching, technology, technology tools in Teaching with Technology > TwT public

    Welcome to Teaching with Technology, a new blog feature offered by AAA Commons.  I'm Rick Lillie, your guide to teaching with technology.  Play the welcome video message below to learn about the blog and what it can do for you.

    Below are several ways to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Post a question to the the "Teaching with Technology" blog page.
    • Send me a message through the AAA Commons message system
    • Send me an email message at
    • Call or text me on Skype.  My username is ricklillie.

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  • Susan V Crosson
    Proposed Financial Literacy Core Competencies-Department of...28
    outside document posted August 31, 2010 by Susan V Crosson in Upload Documents to Support the Pathways Commission public
    Proposed Financial Literacy Core Competencies-Department of the Treasury-PUBLIC Document

    The Department of the Treasury, in its capacity as Chair of the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, invites the public to comment on a proposed set of financial education core competencies. Comments are requested specifically on whether the list of Core Competencies is complete and whether there are portions that should be deleted, revised, or expanded. Please find attached the Federal Register Notice. In case you have trouble opening the document, go to

  • Robin Campbell
    Is an online education credible to most employers today?245.0
    question posted February 5, 2011 by Robin Campbell in Teaching with Technology > TwT public
    Is an online education credible to most employers today?

    I am in my final semester to earn my associates degree in accounting at Elmira Business Institute in Elmira, NY and want to know if you have any thoughts on the credibility of online schools such as: Phoenix, Kaplan, or any others.  In the small amount of research that I have done it seems as though online schools are less credible than regular universities.  I want to pursue a bachelors degree in accounting while I am working; however, I do not want to waste my money on a school that is not credible to most employers.  I somewhat understand the accrediting concept.  Does accredited equal credible in all cases?  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks

  • Julie Smith David
    Will the iPad change things (2.0)?24
    blog entry posted August 30, 2011 by Julie Smith David in AAA HQ & Digital Services Blog public
    Will the iPad change things (2.0)?

    inkling 2.0 One of the most viewed posts on the AAACommons is an earlier blog entry on whether the iPad will change anything... there have been over 1,100 views of the post, and over 50 comments (with huge thanks to Bob Jensen for continuing to update the conversation!).

    Today I saw a new blog post on Inkling 2.0 that I thought I should share - and that will take us to a new round of discussions on this topic.  Inkling is a digital publications organization that has taken a very serious and creative approach to designing college textbooks to capitalize on the power of the iPad.  

    Click "more..." below to learn about the new addition and to post your thoughts on how the iPad and other tablets are changing what YOU do!


    Their new edition not only supports 3-d graphics (imagine economics graphs, break even analysis, and sophisticated statistical analysis for fraud detection... I could go on and on), video (need your students to understand manufacturing for ABC costing?  Done!) and modules of content, but it also supports "social."  Much like Kindle books, now other students notes and highlights are being aggregated and made available to content consumers.  I can imagine a market for great note takers that I could follow to provide a "cliff notes" view of the text.

    So, if you have 5 minutes, take a look at the video in this article, and then let us know what you think... Could we, as a community, create a great body of accounting materials for our students, learning from these techniques?  What about the AAA journal collection - what might that look like in the future?