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    I uploaded a picture, but I still have the smiley face???
    question posted August 3, 2008 by Academic Test AccountTest, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    I uploaded a picture, but I still have the smiley face???

    I went to change my profile, and I uploaded a picture.  I even see it when I look at my profile.  But I still have a smiley face when I make posts - or when I'm included in the user lists.  Why doesn't my picture show?



    • Julie Smith David

      You actually can add two different pictures to the AAACommons.  There is one picture that acts as your "avatar" - a picture that represents you on all of your posts and comments, and when AAACommons members are displayed graphically.  You can also have a more private photo which is only seen when a member goes to your profile.

      When you click on your name at the top of a page to go to your profile, and then click on "edit profile," you're automatically taken to the basic profile entry screen.  It is likely that you uploaded your photo here;  if so, you added it to your profile, but it isn't your avatar.  

      To add your avatar, notice that under the settings portion of the screen, there are three other links.  Click on the Identity link.  You'll  see that smiley face there, with a link to edit.  Upload another photo (or just click on the one you've already added).

      Once you save the picture, your avatar will really be you!