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    Perry Solheim
    Perry W. Solheim, PhD
    4-Our Curricula
    volunteer posted February 6, 2014 by Perry Solheim 
    volunteer name:

    Perry W. Solheim, PhD

    volunteer institution:

    Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO

    what would you like to do?:

    We are heading into a major curriculum overhaul at Fort Lewis College. I am very interested in conducting research in Rec 4 and in implementing recommendations related thereto. I am looking for information on best practices, particularly related to reordering the sequence in which accounting is introduced in the curriculum. I envision and can rationally support the following concept:  Intro to Microeconomics (break-even, return on investment)-->Intro to Managerial/Cost Accounting (information systems that improve long-term economic decision making)-->Intro to Financial Accounting (information systems necessary for external decision making). I have begun research supporting a hypothesis that over-reliance on Financial info for internal decisions is detrimental to the long-term economic health of a firm. (I am originally an empirical capital markets researcher and feel the body of research in this area provides abundant support for the hypothesis I posit above).

    I am also looking for potential education research collaborators to harness the natural experiment that will present itself in our curriculum overhaul.

    Also, would love to hear about in-progress research related to any of the above topics.

    Cheers and good luck.