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    Which Way Higher Education?
    blog entry posted November 18, 2012 by Richard E Lillie, last edited December 25, 2012, tagged research 
    Which Way Higher Education?
    intro text:

    This weekend, I participated in the AAA Council meeting held at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, California.  The meeting opened with a talk by Lloyd Armstrong titled Which Way Higher Education?  In preparation for Armstrong's presentation, we were asked to read the article College is Dead.  Long Live College!

    Armstrong explored the traditional college/university business model and described "big forces" causing the business model to change.  Below is a concept diagram summarizing key points from Armstrong's talk.  It was interesting to hear his comments about the growth and impact of online learning for all aspects of university-level education.  Armstrong briefly described recent events such as a consortium of universities agreeing to offer courses online that could be taken for credit by students at other universities.

    Times are rapidly changing.  Armstrong's question to us was whether accounting (and university) education will be prepared for the change.

    Rick Lillie (CSU San Bernardino)



    text 2:

    Armstrong shared several resources with us during his presentation.  Below is an interactive diagram created with a relatively new cloud-based diagramming software service called Pearltrees.  Click the image below to access the online, interactive Peartrees diagram.

    The diagram includes links to three excellent resources.  Click the "pearls" in the online diagram to view support web pages.

    1. Article:  How Learnings Works - Changing Higher Education
    2. Article (Part I):  What will The College of 2020 look like?
    3. Book:  How Learning Works:  7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching

    Rick Lillie (CSU San Bernardino)