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    Julie Smith David
    A 2 page word document: The Perception and Reality of...
    report posted August 22, 2013 by Julie Smith David, last edited June 23, 2016 by Mark Test VanZorn3 
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    A 2 page word document: The Perception and Reality of Accounting

    This word document already has the two models formatted to fill a page:  the perception model (the meat grinder!) and the reality model (the Pathways Vision Model that highlights the breadth of what accounting really is).  Feel free to use this if you want printed handouts - it's available under the Creative Commons license.



    • Susan M Curtis

       Thanks for posting the various files with the model of Accounting Perception and Reality, Julie!   I'll be brining them to the first week of class!!! 

      I added a comment to Pete's posting asking us what parts of the model we use in our courses.  My comment is a brief discussion of how I used POETRY the first day of class to begin a discussion of ACCOUNTING JUDGMENTS into the Introductory to Accounting course.

    • Arline Savage

      Love these materials!