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    Creating a Dynamic Presentation using Prezi + Webnotes...
    blog entry posted January 2, 2012 by Richard E Lillie, last edited February 20, 2012, tagged teaching, technology, technology tools 
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    Creating a Dynamic Presentation using Prezi + Webnotes + Eyejot

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    text 2:

    Click the image below to access the web page for each software tool (e.g., Prezi, WebNotes, and Eyejot).


    Prezi image
    WebNotes image
    Eyejot image


    video 2:

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    • Julie Smith David

      Rick - thanks so much for showing us how you put these tools together to make a dynamic session for your students!  It's really impressive, but also looks "do-able!"

      I haven't used Prezi myself, but am curious about how it changes the "flow" of the presentation.  PowerPoint is really linear, and my understanding is that Prezi allows for more "threads" to be built in... have you found that to be true, and have you had opportunities to let class "unfold" differently because of it?  And how long did it take to get good at it?

      Again, thanks for sharing - I know that one of my New Year goals is to look for new techniques to make my classes more dynamic, and you've given me some ideas of how to get started!!

    • Robert E Jensen

      February 20, 2012 message from Steve Hornik

      Prezi's can be run via browsers - it's run on their servers so all you need is a browser.  So as long as you can run Flash you can run a Prezi.  You can also download a prezi file in case you won't have an internet connection - I do this all the time.  They also have an iPad app (they might have an android I'm not sure) and I used just recently for a talk I did to a group of 350+ using my CyberSecurity Prezi - it went flawlessly - and obviously didn't run on flash.

      For going from Prezi to something else, here is a link I found that indicates you can print out the Prezi as a .pdf,

      Again, I don't know if I'd use this for every lecture but the features are compelling and are being improved on all the time.


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