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emerging/innovative research session

    Louella J Moore
    Focusing on Paradox in Financial Accounting
    emerging/innovative research session posted August 2, 2011 by Louella J Moore 
    Focusing on Paradox in Financial Accounting
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    Louella Moore, Arkansas State University
    August 9, 2011 at 11:45am
    session description:

    Why is it seemingly impossible to prepare a logical Balance Sheet and Income Statement at the same time?  The incorrigibility of allocations and a basic inability to deal with price changes effectively in basic financial statements are known problems or paradoxes that are largely ignored in accounting education, practice, and research.  This is a great lacuna that invites research into the underlying cause of these paradoxes and problems in accounting.

    Could it be that our inability to develop a perfect accounting model based on either a balance sheet/income statement or historical cost/fair value method simply reflects an underlying paradox inherent in the 'reality' or the phenomenal world we are trying to measure?   Come to this session talk about the potential for ideas from Eastern philosophy of nonduality between users and objects (financial statements in this case), physics, and game theory to expand accounting's research models and its understanding of the place of accounting in society.  These models suggest there is much more to be explored in accounting and accountability than the narrow focus of the dominant positive accounting/profit maximization models currently in vogue.


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