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    Competency Integration in Accounting Education presentation...
    paper presentation posted December 6, 2015 by AAA HQ, last edited December 6, 2015 by Julie Smith David, tagged IMA-AAA MAS task force 

    Competency Integration in Accounting Education presentation from WCoAER, 2014

    author or authors:

    IMA-AAA Task Force (Raef A. Lawson, Edward J. Blocher, Peter C. Brewer, Jan Taylor Morris, Kevin D. Stocks, James E. Sorensen, David E. Stout, and Marc J. F. Wouters) 

    Panelists: Raef A Lawson, IMA; James Sorensen, University of Denver; Susan Wolcott, WolcottLynch and CPA Canada

    Gary L Sundem, University of Washington
    presentation session:
    World Congress of Accounting Educators & Researchers meeting (in Florence, Italy)
    November 14, 2014 at 05:30pm