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    Andrea R Drake
    Sending e-mail to all hive members?
    question posted February 16, 2010 by Andrea R Drake, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    Sending e-mail to all hive members?

    I have created a rather large hive for the Management Accounting Section officers.  Is there a way to e-mail these members from the Commons? Or do I have to type all their e-mail addresses in an outside program?



    • Judy Cothern

      When you first set up your hive, you will need to email the members from outside the Commons initially. But you should encourage each of them to go to the hive and subscribe to be notified by email whenever a post or comment is made in the hive. That way they will automatically be emailed when something new is posted. They can also make the hive one of their favorites and it will show up under the favorites link in their profile area. The attached file has a screen shot of the area for them to use to suscribe. It is in the top right hand area of the page.

      Image2.gif (41KB)