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    Mary Marcel
    An Integrated Approach to Teaching Introductory Accounting...
    paper presentation posted August 3, 2014 by Mary Marcel 
    An Integrated Approach to Teaching Introductory Accounting and Finance
    author or authors:
    Karen Osterheld, Mary Marcel, Candy Bianco & Cristi Lindblom, Bentley University
    presentation session:
    CTLA Saturday August 2, 2014 Session1.04
    August 2, 2014 10:30am - 11:30am

    This presentation describes a two- course sequence that integrates introductory courses in general business, managerial and financial accounting and finance. The courses are based around an Instructional Narrative which introduces topics as entrepreneurs require business knowledge. Individual faculty teach the entire course, rather than teams from different disciplines. Course development was funded by the Ernst & Young Foundation. We were able to improve the perception of and intent to major in finance and accounting.