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    Call for Nominations: Outstanding International Accounting...
    blog entry posted January 7, 2015 by Gia M Chevis 
    Call for Nominations: Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award
    The International Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association invites nominations for its Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award. The general selection criteria are as follows:

    The award is presented to an individual who has made a substantial contribution to international accounting education through scholarly endeavors in research and teaching over a sustained period of time — through publications, educational innovation, research guidance to students, active involvement in the activities of international professional and academic organizations, and serving as an example to others in promoting international accounting education.

    The award recipient will be honored with a plaque at the Section's annual meeting luncheon. A sketch of his or her accomplishments will also be included in the Section's newsletter, Forum.

    Please submit nomination materials and documents, along with the curriculum vitae of your nominee to:

    Sudipta Basu
    Professor of Accounting
    Temple University

    The DEADLINE for nominations is February 28, 2015.

    Winners of the Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award to date are:
    1990 Paul Garner
    1991 Gerhard Mueller
    1992 Vernon Zimmerman
    1993 Fred Choi
    1994 Sidney Gray
    1995 Murray Wells
    1996 Belverd Needles
    1997 Gary Meek
    1998 Lee Radebaugh
    1999 Steve Zeff
    2000 Ahmed Riahi-Belkaoui
    2001 Helen Gernon
    2002 Christopher Nobes
    2003 Robert Parker
    2004 Shahrokh Saudagaran
    2005 Kazuo Hiramatsu
    2006 Chee Chow
    2007 Donna Street
    2008 Mary Barth and Timothy S. Doupnik
    2009 Ross (Rasoul) Tondkar
    2010 Teresa Conover
    2011 J. Timothy Sale
    2012 Gordian Ndubizu
    2013 Ole-Kristian Hope
    2014 Robert K. Larson