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    Richard E Lillie
    Has something gone "bust" on the AAA Commons Main...
    question posted November 23, 2008 by Richard E Lillie, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    Has something gone "bust" on the AAA Commons Main Page?

    All of a sudden, there are no more links under the teaching and research sections on the AAA Commons main page.  There used to be lots of links to explore.  Has something gone bust with the main page of AAA Commons?

    Rick Lillie

    Page display problems



    • Julie Smith David

      Rick - you are exactly right, and I'm caught by surprise!  We'll look into it immediately and get back to you.  And thanks for giving us the heads up - Julie

    • Julie Smith David

      Hi, Rick,  The problem was with a new upgrade that HiveLive made, and it was resolved late last night.  Thanks, again, for letting us know as soon as you saw the problem!  J