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    What do you want to do?
    blog entry posted April 12, 2010 by Julie Smith David, last edited February 10, 2012 by Judy Cothern 
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    What do you want to do?

    We have heard from many of you that it's difficult to find what you want in the Commons, so as part of our commitment to make your Commons experience the best it can be, we are exploring ways to enhance navigation and make it easier to locate the things that are important to you. This exploration has led us to think a lot about mobile applications, and how easy they are to use.  Do you check the weather from your phone?  Or check in online when traveling?  I do all of those things - and more!  And I find the greatest mobile applications are the ones that know what I want to do, and let me do it with ONE CLICK.  

    We'd like to evaluate this approach for use in the AAACommons - and that's where we REALLY need your help:  

    What are the 5-10 things you'd like to do in the Commons?   

    Please use the comments (after clicking "more") to provide your "Top 5 or 10" goals.  Think about the activities you'd like to complete, and we'll work on making quick links to do them!


    Enter your goals here!



    • Robert D Allen

      For me, the top things would be:

      My hives, Find a person, Find information on courses.

      I'll keep thinking about it and may come up with more later. 


    • Julia L Higgs

      I would like to get up to date financial / accounting news so I don't have to go to a lot of different sources to keep me current on what is going on.  I currently subscribe to Edith Orenstein's blog, which is wonderful by the way.   I wish the AAA had something like that for members on Accounting Education, accounting, auditing, and regulatory news. 

    • Gail Hoover King

      I use the commons to participate in task force and committee work, but I find it difficult to immediately find the appropriate hives (even with bookmarks).  It would be wonderful to have a simple way to go directly to my specific "groups". 

      Other uses are to look up classroom ideas or research - it would be nice to set up topics that I regularly look for such as active learning methods, CEA...  . 

       I have not yet used but would like to get to the point where I can store my research on the commons soI can work on things from anywhere in the world, but at the moment, I have not yet developed these areas. 

      A latest news in accounting (profession, regulation, and education) would be nice.  IN this I would also like to get information about meetings and other AAA news (grants awards...)  As it is right now I have to go (backout) to the aaa homepage to find out AAA info.  For instance, now that i am in the commons responding to this, I am thinking about the annual meeting and want to get some information on it. To do so I would end up logged out of the commons and have to reenter as my thoughts "stray" from one AAA resource to another.

      As a side note,  I would like to have a single login to this and to AAA publications, so when I search topic I can find all the resources I need.

      Thanks for asking and I will continue to think about other ways I might use the commons in the future.


    • Carol Yacht

      I like to use the AAACommons "Search" field to find things quickly. For instance, today I was curious if  there were videos that I might want to watch so I typed video into the Search field.

      I am often looking for something specific and go to the Search field first. What do you think about making the Search field more prominent?

      It is interesting to read your suggestions. I agree that a "Financial News" link would be worthwhile. There's certainly a lot of it these days!