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ELS session

    Kim T. Mollberg
    "The Shoe Box" - From Real-World Source Documents...
    ELS session posted August 4, 2010 by Kim T. Mollberg, last edited August 4, 2010 
    "The Shoe Box" - From Real-World Source Documents to Financial Statements (a Final Project for an Introductory Principles of Accounting Course)
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    Kim T. Mollberg, Minnesota State University Moorhead
    August 3, 2010 4:00pm - 5:30pm
    Students seem to enjoy seeing real-world applications of concepts learned. Students will be given a computer file which represents a "shoe box"--imagine a disorganized client dropping off a box full of real-world documents that the accountant (in this case, the student) may need in order to complete the accounting cycle. Instructors will like that each student will get different numbers (ie, algorithmic) and that solutions are automatically generated for each version of the project. I have actually practiced as a CPA for many years, and have countless memories of clients bringing in their "shoe box". I continue to use Excel to get the accounting done for many of my clients (more often, to get from the "shoe box" they bring in to numbers I need for a financial statement or tax return).