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    The success of the first AAACommons Happy Hour Webinar
    blog entry posted December 7, 2009 by Julie Smith David, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    The success of the first AAACommons Happy Hour Webinar

    Below is our initial post, and our good news is that we had the first successful AAACommons Happy Hour, and we have a video of it to share with those who couldn't make, but wish they could have!

    We talked about how to post teaching resources, how to find them for next semester, and the importance of commenting and rating posts to help our colleagues build evidence of their international reputation as a teaching expert.

    Our next Happy Hour will be on January 22, at 2 pm EST.  And we'll explore how the AAACommons can support your research efforts.  More to come!

    --- ORIGINAL POST ---

    Did you have a great day in one of your classes this semester?  Design a new activity that went really well?  Or are you looking for new ideas for courses you're teaching this spring?

    If you're like me, all of these are true... and we're going to host the first AAACommons Happy Hour to help you learn how the AAACommons can improve your teaching efficiency and effectiveness.  Together, we'll explore how the AAACommons can help you share your best practices (and build your international reputation in the scholarship of teaching) and how you can find the materials that can make you even better.

    This webinar will be offered on December 11 at 3 pm EST.  To join us, you just need to open your browser using the link below.  (NOTE:  Click MORE to see the rest of this post!)


    If you've never participated in a webinar, then it's good to test your system before we get started.  You can do that by clicking the link below, and click on the link: HELP / Troubleshooting Connection Test that is on the right side of the screen.  Also be sure to check that you have speakers on your computer, and that your volume is turned up!

    And please provide feedback to us using the comments area below.  What would you like to see for future AAACommons Happy Hour webinars?  What else could we do to make the AAACommons more valuable to you?



    • Julie Smith David

      Thanks to everyone who participated in today's Happy Hour!!  We had a successful first session, and got great suggestions for future webinars.

      For those who couldn't participate, the webinar is avaiable on line.  If you'd like to watch it (approximately 25 minutes):


    • Michael John Meyer

      I was trying to find the appropiate place to post something.  I completed a study of principles of accounting coordinators last summer and noted that I would post the results of the questionnaire on the Commons.  In the article itself I state that I will post the complete text of several open ended questions on the Commons.  However, I do not know where the appropriate place would be.  After the happy hour I posted it as an article, but that really did not seem to be the appropriate place so I deleted it.  Any advice?  I would like to post the manuscript which provides a summary of the results of the article along with five additional document files which provide the complete text of the open ended questions.


    • Julie Smith David

      Hi, Mike,

      I see that you posted this in the Teaching Methods area of the Commons - and that's the perfect spot.  (For others interested in seeing it, you can go straight to that post by clicking here:

      It looks like really interesting work, and I'm sure other principles coordinators will get a lot out of it!  Thanks so much for sharing it!

    • Robert E Jensen

      December 16, 2009 reply from Ron Huefner [rhuefner@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU]

      As the holder of CMA certificate number 2, let me weigh in on this discussion.

      In my view, the CMA has never caught on among students and young professionals, because it does not convey an image of any particular skill set or employment role, relative to other non-CPA certifications. The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) all convey the image of a particular set of skills and a fairly well defined job function. But I'd find it hard to define the skill set suggested by the CMA. As to job function, "management accountant" is not a common job title. Thus it's hard for students to get any feel for this field.

      The IMA has had the same problem of conveying an image. They have toyed with "finance" as their image. They gave a CMA-parallel exam -- the CFM, Certified in Financial Management -- for a while, but eventually dropped it. The flagship journal, "Management Accounting", was long ago renamed "Strategic Finance." But it's not clear this has solved their image problem. Nor does it seem they are viewed seriously as a finance organization.

      Part of the problem is that there is an extremely wide range of job functions under the notion of "management accounting," so it is hard for a clear image to come through.

      Until a sense of the implied skill set and the job function(s) of the CMA can be developed, I don't think it's going to get much traction among students.

      Ron Huefner

      Ronald J. Huefner
      Distinguished Teaching Professor
      University at Buffalo

    • Jenice J Prather-Kinsey

      Somehow I missed the announcement about HH#1, but have placed HH#2 on my calendar.  Is this open to all AAA members, or to the AAA Commons editoral board members olnly?

    • Judy Cothern

      The AAACommons Happy Hour Webinars are open to all AAA members and our plan is to hold one each month focusing on different aspects of the Commons. So if you missed the first one don't worry, there will be more coming or you can click on the link above to view the first one from December 11.

    • Lan Peng

      Julie,Bob,Judy and other colleagues,.....

      Merry Christmas!Greetings from Lan!

      I hope I will join the next "AAA commons happy hour".