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    Changes on the horizon and the AAA is Sharpening Our Vision
    blog entry posted July 16, 2013 by Julie Smith David, last edited July 16, 2013 by Judy Cothern 
    Changes on the horizon and the AAA is Sharpening Our Vision

    SoV coverA lot is being written about the radical changes that are underway for higher education.  Whether you're pondering the implications of MOOCs (massively open online coureses) or considering society's reaction to the growing tuition fees and student debt, it's becoming clear that tomorrow's higher educational environment is going to be radically different from today's.

    Given the magnitude of change that is possible, the Board and Council kicked off our "Sharpening Our Vision" project and spent the 2012-13 year exploring these trends and making initial recommendations for how the AAA should respond.  

    There are many ways to learn about these efforts:

    • Click on the figure (or here), and see a 10 minute video in which Karen Pincus introduces the major trends that we're facing.
    • Come to the annual meeting and learn more.  The Plenary sessions will focus on the future of higher education, research, and teaching.  There will also be a panel on Monday afternoon to share the recommendations from the Sharpening our Vision project.
    • Go to the web site to read more about these issues - and to provide your input into the project efforts.