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August 3, 2012: Learning about the future of accounting at the Annual Meeting

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    Julie Smith David
    Michael P. Cangemi, CPA
    speaker posted July 31, 2012 by Julie Smith David 
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    Michael P. Cangemi, CPA
    Cangemi Company LLC

    Michael P. Cangemi CPA, an author and business advisor, is the former President, Chief  Executive Officer and Director of Etienne Aigner Group, Inc., a leading designer of women’s accessories (Aigner- 1991-2004), where he co-founded;  and President and Chief Executive Officer of Financial Executives International, the professional association for senior-level corporate financial executives (FEI 2007-08).

    He currently serves as President of Cangemi Company LLC, which he founded in 1968, and has a significant focus on technology, including Continuous Monitoring, Business performance Improvement and Governance, Risk and control enhancement.  In 2010 he Co-founded

     Mr. Cangemi is a Senior Advisor to Oversight Systems and CaseWare, has served on the Approva Corporation advisory board, and serves on the Rutgers Continuous Audit Advisory Board (Founding Member); FEI Committee on Finance & Technology, the EDPACS Editorial Advisory Board, and the SOX&GRC Institute Advisory Board. He recently co-authored a significant research project The Benefits on Continuous Monitoring published by FEI’s research foundation FERF.

     Michael has had a successful career with a long term significant focus on technology and GRC. He progressed from auditor to CAE, to CFO, CEO and Board member.  He served in numerous ISACA and IIA professional capacities, including International President of ISACA, many years on IIARF BORA and the IIARF Board of Trustees. His experiences as a CAE were published in his second successful book, Managing the Audit Function.  The book, now in a third edition, was featured in the business section of the Sunday New York Times in August 2002 and translated into Chinese in 2005.

    In 2007-8 he served as the FEI representative on the Board of COSO, during which the Guidance on Monitoring Internal Control Systems was drafted and issued in January 2009. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the IS Control Journal, in which his regular column, Issues & Comments appeared from 1987 to 2007. His Presidents Page editorial column appeared in Financial Executive magazine 2007 – 2008.  In 1991, Mr. Cangemi co-authored Auditing in an EDP Environment with Peter Reed. 

     He is a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Information Systems Auditor-Honorary/Retired and member of FEI, AICPA, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), and the N.Y. Society of CPAs.  Mr. Cangemi is a honorary life member of the IS Audit & Control Association (ISACA).  In 2000, The Cangemi Audit & IT Audit Library was established at the University of Mississippi’s National EDP Auditing Archival Center to house his collection of over 250 books on Auditing and EDP Auditing.

    Mr. Cangemi recently completed a two year term on the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB 2007-8)-Standards Advisory Council, served as the FEI representative on the Board of COSO and served as a member of the FASB’s Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council (FASAC), beyond his term at FEI for four years to 2010.

    Among his many awards, in 2008 he was named one of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People and in 2011 he was awarded the Paul Williams Award for Inspirational Leadership by the ISACA. In the last few years, he has hosted a number of Audit Managers Symposiums based on his book and devoted a good portion of his professional research and presentations to expanding the understanding of Continuous Monitoring.