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    My experience with Lenovo X230T
    question posted July 15, 2012 by Gulraze Wakil 
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    My experience with Lenovo X230T

    Not a question.

    I have used the Lenovo X230T for the last 3 weeks and wanted to share my experience with it since some maybe considering buying it. It was released in June.

    -This is the new model from the X220T and is a convertible tablet laptop, 12.5" screen. Std is intel i5 but I went with 3rd. generation i7.

    -The power and ease is similar to a standard lenovo laptop. They have changed the keyboard which is at least as good as before. Since it is a tablet laptop, it easily converts into just a tablet. When I am outside, I am seeing more and more people using the ipad. Last week at Starbucsk and the airport I converted this PC to a laptop and I was within seconds using the digitizer pen and also using the touch screen capabilities. It was fun. However, the main advantage was that within seconds I converted it to a regular laptop on the flight and worked and SAS runs for my research.

    -I have used the pen writing abilities for email and writing with MS office applications. Pretty good but need to improve my writing. Since it is summer, I have not used the writing abilities in class yet. Hope to get back to you on how it worked in class in the fall.

    -The major difference between predecessor X220T is the new keyboard and USB 3.0. I bought it for the dual abilites of fast computing and teaching with the digitizer pen instead of blackboard.

    FYI, Gulraze.




    • Richard E Lillie

      Hi Grace,

      Thank you for your comments and feedback about the new Lenovo X230T laptop/tablet computer.  I've been considering the X230T but have made no decision about the purchase.  I'm still using my Lenovo X61 laptop/tablet computer.

      I'm curious about the features of the new Microsoft tablet computer.  It is similar to the Lenovo X-series tablets.  I want to play with the new Micrososft tablet computer before I made a purchase decision.

      Best wishes,

      Rick Lillie

      • Gulraze Wakil

        I thought about the microsoft tablet. However, it will have a  10.5" display. That would be small for writing and my eyes are getting old. Nevertheless, it will be a lot lighter than the X230T. About half the weight.

        So far I am happy with the X230T. I write emails with the stylus to improve my writing. The ink tools with MS office are pretty good. I use the X230T as my main computer so I really benefit from the intel i7 processor.

        The keyboard is new and I think it is at least as good as the predessor.

        Likely write back in September how it goes in class for writing.

        Gulraze Wakil

    • Richard E Lillie

      Hi Gulraze,

      If you haven't already, check out PDF Annotator by Grahl Software Design.  PDF Annotator includes a host of features for annotating .pdf documents.  I use it extensively with my X61 tablet computer for grading and providing feedback.

      I appreciate your comments about the new Lenovo X230T.  I need to move beyond my X61 which runs on Windows XP.

      Rick Lillie (CalState San Bernardino)

      • Gulraze Wakil

        I was having trouble writing on pdf documents because all I could use was the red ink. I checked the web link you gave. I may get it. However, the media dept. at my school told me today that adobe premier essentials has a lot of inking features and is very good with video editing. They said there is an educational version of it and will get back to me on the price.


    • Gulraze Wakil

      I used the Lenovo X230T tablet during two section of Intro. financial accounting. I will describe my experience below, but it is likely not specific to this laptop but rather to writing on a tablet laptop.

      First, my writing is not as good with the tablet compared to the blackboard.

      I found that I was a bit nervous writing with the tablet projected on the screen. Likely because the writng surface is only 12.5". This actually did not decrease with more usage. However, if I had some material prepared on the tablet before class and then made adjustments to it during class, then things went pretty smooth.

      I did a class survey in both sections and students slightly preferred me writng on the blackboard compared to the tablet.

      Gulraze Wakil, Carleton University.   

    • Richard E Lillie

      I finally took the plunge and purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad X230T (tablet computer).  Wow!  What a machine.

      The keyboard is the most comfortable, easy-to-use, responsive keyboard that I've ever used.  The screen is landscape in design and is like viewing today's typical flat screen monitor.  The image is crystal clear and crisp.  Colors are beautiful.

      The built-in camera is excellent.  The built-in microphone captures great sound.  The swivel screen makes it easy to use the writing pen to write on the screen when preparing course materials.

      The computer came with a docking station which makes using the X230T even better when I'm in my office.

      There are all kinds of laptops and ipad style devices available on the market.  In my opinion, NONE of those machines come anywhere close to the sheer quality and user experience of the Lenovo ThinkPad X230T.  It's worth every penny that I paid for it.

      Consider the Lenovo ThinkPad X230T before you purchase any other device.

      Rick Lillie, CSU San Bernardino