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    Looking forward to seeing many of you in San Francisco!
    blog entry posted July 26, 2010 by Tracey Sutherland, last edited July 26, 2010 
    Looking forward to seeing many of you in San Francisco!

    Annual Meeting attendance looks great as we approach the opening of the the AAA's 2010 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. With more than 2800 registrations so far, it's clear that though budget challenges face many of our institutions, the value offered by both our program and its many opportunities is holding strong.  Of those 757 international attendees are registered (26%) representing 44 Countries. Many thanks to all of you that are part of Sections, the Program Advisory Committee and its event teams, and the many others who contribute to making this important gathering of our community possible!

    We will miss those of you that can't be with us, and will be posting materials and speakers from the Annual Meeting plenary sessions, other events, and Conference on Teaching and Learning in the AAACommons as soon as possible so that you can share in the experience.