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    Gary John Previts and Reed Storey inducted to Hall of Fame
    news item posted August 25, 2011 by Judy Cothern, last edited October 27, 2011 by Tracey Sutherland, tagged 2011, achievement, general news 
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    Gary John Previts and Reed Storey inducted to Hall of Fame
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    Accounting Hall of Fame Members Attending 2011 Induction Ceremony—Front Row (left to right): James Don Edwards, Gary John Previts, Back Row (left to right): James Leisenring, Stephen Zeff, Robert Kaplan
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    The Accounting Hall of Fame Elects Two Distinguished Accountants—August 8, 2011

    Columbus, OH - Two distinguished accountants were inducted into The Accounting Hall of Fame on Monday, August 8, 2011 at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. The 2011 inductees are Gary John Previts, E. Mandell de Windt Professor and Distinguished University Professor at Case Western University, and Reed Karl Storey, Director of Accounting Research for the Accounting Principles Board and later Senior Technical Advisor to the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

    Honorees are selected by the Accounting Hall of Fame's international board of electors.  Eighty-eight influential and respected accountants from academe, accounting practice, government and business have been elected to the Accounting Hall of Fame since its establishment in 1950 at Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business.


    GARY JOHN PREVITS:  The history of the accounting profession has dominated his published research which numbers over 70 papers and 7 books, including A History of Accountancy in the United States, the seminal work in the area. Following military service and doctoral study at the University of Florida, he served on the accounting faculties of the University of Alabama and Case Western Reserve University. He has worked tirelessly in support of both professional organizations and governmental agencies--including the American Accounting Association, the Academy of Accounting Historians, the American Institute of CPAs, and the Government Accountability Office—and is the recipient of many honors and awards including the Gold Medal of the AICPA and the American Accounting Association’s Distinguished Accounting Educator Award.

    REED KARL STOREY:  Following military service, doctoral study at the University of California – Berkeley, and service on the accounting faculty at the University of Washington, he was appointed Director of Research for the Accounting Principles Board (APB). When the Financial Accounting Standards Board replaced the APB, he became Senior Technical Advisor to the Board. In these positions he was a strong advocate of a conceptual basis for accounting policy and played a key role in the development of many accounting standards. He died in 1999.