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    Document Camera
    question posted January 2, 2015 by Gulraze Wakil 
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    Document Camera

    Hi. I borrow a document camera from our media dept. in the university. I am now looking to buy one. Any suggestions on a reasonable one for teaching accounting to ~ 100 students.


    Gulraze Wakil, BCOMM, MA(Econ), PhD, CPA, CGA

    Assistant Professor-Accounting Area

    Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

    1015 Dunton Tower, 1125 Colonel By Drive

    Ottawa, ON    K1S 5B6   Canada  

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    • Richard E Lillie

      Good morning Gulraze,

      I read your question about searching for a "document camera."  I did a quick search on and found several document cameras for you to consider.  Click here to access the link below to view the web page.

      I am interested in how you plan to use the document camera to teach 100+ accounting students in a classroom.  Are you using it to display an image on a screen and annotating the image while talking to the image/students?  Do you want to use the document camera as a way to annotate an image while capturing it (e.g., in a video recording) to share with students?  I would enjoy learning more about the approach you are using.

      The IPEVO Ziggi-HD High Definition USB Document Camera (CDVU-04IP) by Ipevo looks like it might be an interesting choice. is offering the device at under $100.

      I have used a document camera when televising a course to multiple sections.  To be honest, I don't like televising classes.  I prefer to create course materials that can be streamed via the Internet.

      I've been experimenting with using, an outstanding video-conferencing, cloud-based service as a way to offer fully online course sessions.  The approach is synchronous.  The session is live via the Internet.  Students do not have to come to campus or a traditional classroom to participate.  Whatever I can do in a traditional classroom, I can do in a Zoom virtual classroom.

      The IPEVO Ziggi-HD document camera seems to have some interesting tech features.  Let me know if the information shared here helps you.

      Best wishes,



      • Gulraze Wakil

        Hi Richard, hope you are doing well. Thanks for the amazon link.

        I use the doc cam to mostly take up exercises that would be too cumbersome on the chalk board. Yes, while I am writing out the solution and talking with students, what I am writing is displayed on the screen via projector. The projector view is always better than the chalk board. Therefore, it is actually better for large classrooms. Nevertheless, I also use the chalkboard.

        At times I have the question on the piece of paper and then just start writing below it or just write on a blank piece of paper. I have not done any recording of the take up but some faculty in our dept. have done that. Occasionally I have used it to show pre-printed documents. The colours come out really well.

        I think the camera you mention would only do the recording if it is attached to a computer. There are more expense ones that will record on their own. That is the decision I have to make and the size. I would like it to easily fit into my backpack.

        Nice to hear from you and thanks for the info. Gulraze.