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    Robert L. Braun
    Can AAAcommons be used to make files available to students?
    question posted January 5, 2009 by Robert L. Braun, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    Can AAAcommons be used to make files available to students?

    My co-author and I have an audit case that has been accepted at Issues. The case involves a module with audit documents that we want to make available to instructors and their students. Is there a way that we could make the documents directly accessible on AAAcommons? Ideally, instructors who use the case would simply forward to their students a link to a AAAcommons location where all of the documents can be viewed and printed. Is this possible?

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    • Julie Smith David

      Hi, Bob,

      Right nwo that isn't possible.  You could make the materails available to faculty, and anyone who is an AAA member will be able to get them.  However, right now the content of the system is all password protected.  Our long term goals include making portions of the systems available to the public, and at that point we could have a community to share materials with students...

      It would help us with planning to know if others would find this valuyable.... how else could we collaborate with students through the AAACommons?  How many would use this? 


    • Shifei Chung

      It will be great if we can share materials with students through AAACommons. This way we can also introduce/promote AAACommons to students. Perhaps we can even increase student membership along the way.

    • Julie Smith David

      As the AAACommons rollout progresses, we are seeing a lot of interest from our student and new faculty colleagues.  And I think you're right that giving even more junior students access might spark their imagination that they could become faculty, too.  I'll take this idea to our editorial board and see what we can do!  Thanks!