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    Worlds of Assurance.
    research summary posted October 19, 2015 by Jennifer M Mueller-Phillips, tagged 01.0 Standard Setting, 04.0 Independence and Ethics 
    Worlds of Assurance.
    Practical Implications:

    It is difficult for the authors to constrain the boundaries of what one can learn from a contrastive and in-depth study of this portfolio of papers for developing new theoretical insights and testable conjectures pertaining to both today’s and tomorrow’s accountant-auditors. For that reason, the authors are confident readers will share their desire to thank the authors of the main papers as well as the authors of the commentaries for their thoughtful analyses.


    Chapman, C, and M. E. Peecher. 2011. Worlds of Assurance. Accounting, Organizations & Society 36 (4/5): 267-268.

    auditing, assurance providers, independence, professional judgement
    Purpose of the Study:

    The three main articles and the commentaries that comprise this special section of the journal help to momentarily divorce concepts of auditing and assurance from financial statement accounting. In doing so the reader may learn lessons via analogy and counterfactual reasoning through studying how they manifest in other substantive domains. By directing the attention elsewhere, these articles and commentaries simultaneously help the reader contemplate a range of ways that assurance and auditing are likely to evolve over time within so-called accounting domains, only some of which appear to resemble the domain of financial statement accounting.

    Design/Method/ Approach:

    This article is an editorial.


    Readers of this section are invited to collectively consider significant attributes of assurance providers, such as their independence and professional judgment skills. This portfolio of articles also helps to focus attention on attributes of the context in which assurance providers operate, and, on which the demand for assurance endogenously arises in the global economy. The reader learns that across assurance and audit domains, assurance professionals themselves can bring context to help interpret evidence amassed in any one audit.

    Independence & Ethics, Standard Setting