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    What does the AAA mean to you?
    blog entry posted May 10, 2013 by Julie Smith David 
    What does the AAA mean to you?

    apple picture of wordsLast weekend the Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) met in Sarasota to identify projects that would support members during the upcoming year.  They kicked off their meeting with a brainstorming session:  Using a single word, describe what is meaningful about your membership.  

    The group developed a long list, and then everyone voted for their top 5 words.  The figure shown here is a "Wordle" or Word Cloud of all of the words the committee members identfied, with the size representing how popular each was.  If you click on the picture, you can see it full size.   (You can learn more about wordles here: .  Our AAA word cloud was created with this site:

    What words would you use to describe the AAA's value to you?  (Click on this post, and share your responses as comments.)