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    Susan Haka
    More representation on the nominating committee?
    discussion posted July 2, 2010 by Susan Haka, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    More representation on the nominating committee?

    Some members have been asking for more representation on the AAA nominating committee.  In particular, members are asking for more nominating committee members to be nominated by the council (now 4 out of 7), rather than including past presidents (now 3 out of 7).



    • Susan Haka

      The proposed bylaws provides for significantly more representation for the membership through a proposal to have three EC/Board of Director members nominated directly by the council (see the Ballot Committee under the section on the Council). As a result, both the current and proposed AAA bylaws state that four of the seven members of the nominating committee are nominated and elected by council. The executive committee does not nominate anyone for the nominating committee. Thus, the AAA membership is well represented on the nominating committee via the council election process and through the three nominations from council representatives. 

      The seven members of the nominating committee typically meet in late fall to review all individuals nominated

      by members for an AAA office.The nominating committee then chooses who will be nominated for each office.

    • Robert D Allen

      I attended the Council Meeting last spring where we spent a lot of time talking about the proposed by-law changes.  This proposed change makes the process more open by giving AAA Council more representation on the nominating committee.  In my mind, the process mirrors a legislative process.  This proposed change gives 3 Council members (who are elected by members of Sections and Regions) the opportunity to serve on the nominating committee. 

      • Susan Haka

        Thanks for your comment Bob;

        Just a short clarification. The Council will create its own Ballot Committee. That Ballot Committee will forward each year a member's name to be included directly on the ballot for the Board of Directors. Because those affirmed by the membership to be on the Board of Directors (BODs) serve three years, during any one particular year, three existing BOD members will have been nominated directly by Council. 

        In addtion, the Council will continue to have four representatives on the nominating committee that provides the remaining BOD nominations each year. The objective of these changes is to enhance the participation of membership in creating the BOD. I hope this is a clarification rather than jus adding more confusion.