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    Stephen Shepard
    Are there any issues with registering or logging in?
    discussion posted July 22, 2009 by Stephen Shepard, last edited February 10, 2012 by Julie Smith David, tagged FASB Codification, general 
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    Are there any issues with registering or logging in?

    The AAA and the FASB are trying to make access to the FASB Codification as easy as possible, so if you could let us know whether you're successfully using it, of if you're having any problems, we'd really appreciate it.



    • James E Bodtke

      I used it in intermediate this summer, and the changeover on July 1st went very smooth.  AAA network support did a great job on this considering the volume of hits and enrollments they must be getting.


    • Marilynn M Leathart

      Yes, I am having trouble accessing the FASB Codification with the password sent to me.

    • Kathy L. Casper

      Marilynn, I see that Concordia Univeristy Texas has now enrolled in the AAA Academic Accounting Access program. You should soon receive access credentials through your university.