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emerging/innovative research session

    Anne M.A. Sergeant
    An Auditing Project By and For Students
    emerging/innovative research session posted November 1, 2011 by Anne M.A. Sergeant 
    An Auditing Project By and For Students
    author(s), affiliation(s):
    Anne Sergeant and David Cannon, Grand Valley State Univesty
    October 22, 2010 12:00am - November 1, 2011 2:13pm
    session description:

    Are you looking for a simple project that auditing students can easily conduct and gain real-life experience?  Come learn about this fun, creative assignment that will excite your students and be of service to your university.  It works!


    Every university has student organizations which use financial resources. Often, these organizations have poor cash control systems in place. This project asks students to investigate the cash controls of student organizations and to prepare written materials about cash control which can be used to instruct and guide these organizations. The project has been favorably received by students who appreciate doing an activity with real-life implications.

                The learning outcomes from this project involve: accounting skills, communication skills, and professional interaction skills. Although there are many issues involved, the key accounting skill developed is an understanding cash controls, both from a practical and theoretical perspective. Students also practice written communication skills. They are free to prepare whatever kind of document they deem most appropriate. Some have prepared manuals, while others have done elaborate single-page pamphlets. Finally, when interviewing various organizations, students develop there professional interaction skills.

                For session participants, the project assignment and examples of student work will be provided, as well as a description of how to administer the activity.