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    Online Test-Takers Feel Anti-Cheating Software's Uneasy...
    blog entry posted April 9, 2015 by Richard E Lillie, last edited April 9, 2015, tagged teaching, technology, technology tools 
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    Online Test-Takers Feel Anti-Cheating Software's Uneasy Glare
    intro text:

    Anyone who has taught a blended or online class where online testing is used, has had to deal with the issue of cheating, whether real or imagined.  I teach a lot of online classes and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of this teaching-learning experience.

    I used an online proctoring service with one online course.  Student feedback was so-so.  I have used, a cloud-based, incredible video-conferencing tool to proctor students completing an online exam.  Student reaction to being watched through was more positive than the online proctoring service.

    Whether good or bad, online proctoring is still very much an evolving process.

    This post shares a story from The New York Times (Technology, April 5, 2015) titled Online Test-Takers Feel Anti-Cheating Software’s Uneasy Glare.

    What do you think?  Is this an appropriate way to proctor an online exam test taker?

    If you have had experience with this, please REPLY to this post with comments about your experience.

    Rick Lillie