The 3rd SET Workshop on Transformative Technologies

August 3, 2012: Learning about the future of accounting at the Annual Meeting

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    Julie Smith David
    Brian Sommer
    speaker posted May 13, 2012 by Julie Smith David 
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    Brian Sommer

    Brian Sommer founded TechVentive, Inc. several years ago to help technology firms win more, win better and win conclusively in the marketplace. Brian has a unique mixture of serious technology expertise, thousands of hours working with top executives of Fortune 500 firms and a rock-solid Marketing background. 

    Brian has become a fixture to the SET Transformative Technologies Workshop, having been the keynote speaker for both of the prior meetings.  This year he is sure to again spark our creativity and make us think about all of hte possibilities - and challenges - that lay on our doorstep.

    Brian earned his Marketing credentials early in his career. While still in college, he crisscrossed Texas doing demographic analysis for radio stations. For a time, Brian's knowledge of women, 18-34 years old, and their musical tastes would best anyone's.

    Brian closely follows what C-level executives think, feel and need. He has extensive files on the psychographics, motivations, likes/dislikes of executives globally. He's even developed a unique database of thousands of firms worldwide and their willingness to purchase new technologies or services.

    Brian has brokered alliances, trained sales teams and orchestrated massive Marketing events. He has designed new channel partner programs and trained both channel masters and their partners to reach new levels of mutual success. Brian is also a prolific writer and has penned numerous articles in major business and technology magazines. He also produces two blogs and has written a manuscript on the ERP market.

    Mr. Sommer has a BBA (Marketing) and an MBA (Finance) from the University of Texas at Austin.

    He welcomes your thoughts and invites you to contact him