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    Graham Gal
    hive versus group
    question posted August 12, 2008 by Graham Gal, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    hive versus group

    What is the difference between a hive and a group?

    hive, group



    • Julie Smith David

      A hive is where content gets added and stored.  It is a community space that is associated with "post types" which allow users to enter content, and then the posts are all stored in that space.  Additionally, you assign permissions to content at the hive level.  So, for your research hives (what you can automatically create), the hive is created, and you can enter and find content there.  Additionally, you can specify who has access to that hive, and can restrict it to just your research colleagues.

      Groups are aggregate spaces that allow you to collect information from various hives.  For example, the Teacher2Teacher group collects posts from all of the Teaching Resources and Teaching Methods hives.  You can specify how each portion of the screen displays content from various hives.  And the permissions from the hives remain consistent, so when 2 different users look at 1 group screen, they will often see different posts.  For example, in the Researcher2Researcher group, you will see the posts to your research teams at the top of the screen - and I will only see posts to my teams.

      The one thing I find tricky about this is that posts can't get entered directly from a group - you have to move to a hive to enter content.  As a result, we have updated the Teacher2Teacher screen to have quick links to help you post a teaching resource and teaching method - and those links take you to the appropriate hives.  (Many thanks to people for making this suggestion at the Annual Meeting!)