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    AAA Annual Meeting | August 6-11, 2011
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    AAA Annual Meeting | August 6-11, 2011

    2011 Meeting-Commons home 2011 Meeting-AAA websiteThe theme for the American Accounting Association's 2011 annual meeting is "Engage to Make a Difference." This theme builds on the AAA strategic vision of thought leadership. Striving for thought leadership through our research, teaching, involvement in practice, and standard setting works best when we are all engaged and participating. Individually, no one can be engaged in all areas and issues. However, each member of the AAA can be involved in providing thought leadership in their teaching, or in their research, or in working with the profession and the myriad of local, regional, national or international regulators and standard setters. The 2011 AAA Annual Meeting will celebrate and highlight the difference we can make when we are actively engaged in our profession.