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    Sandra Gates
    How can I delete a question posted in the wrong place?
    question posted October 10, 2008 by Sandra Gates, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    How can I delete a question posted in the wrong place?



    • Julie Smith David

      When you look at the post, you'll see a graphic that is a trash can, just to the right of the "Edit Post" link.  If you click on the trash can, you'll be able to delete your post.

    • Shifei Chung

      Can we still delete a post if someone has commented on it?

    • Julie Smith David

      I ran a quick test and posted a question, then a comment to it.  I could delete the post, but I'm not sure if someone else had made the comment I would have been able to.  We'll run more tests.

      I'd question, though, that once a post has comments, whether we should delete them.  If the comment has started a discussion, and is enhancing the community, then I'd say the post was, too.  If, on the other hand, you're worried about inappropriate content, then I think a better approach would be to click on the "report abuse" link for the post.  That will trigger an AAA review, and we'll remove inappropriate content - and contact the author(s) to let them know our policies and that their efforts weren't appropriate.