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    9 Minute Video Presentation by David Gauntlett titled...
    blog entry posted July 27, 2010 by Richard E Lillie, last edited July 27, 2010, tagged teaching, technology, technology tools 
    9 Minute Video Presentation by David Gauntlett titled "Making is Connecting"

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    This 9 minute presentation by David Gauntlett titled Making is Connecting is an excellent example of a slide presentation with supporting soundtrack.  Overall, the author:

    • used zoom-in/zoom-out to add motion or movement to the presentation which creates a movie-like feeling.
    • recorded a great soundtrack (i.e., excellent sound quality).
    • emphasized pictures and images supported by text rather than text (i.e., like most PowerPoint type presentations).
    • made pictures/images/text flow along smoothly with the voice narration.

    Gauntlett used several software tools to create the presentation file.  The slides could be created with (e.g., PowerPoint, Creately, Capture Wiz Pro, or SnagIt).  The soundtrack could be added with PowerPoint or an authoring tools like Camtasia.  He could also use an inexpensive but powerful tool like Replay Video Capture to capture the slides on a screen and add the soundtrack.  There are a lot of technology tools available to create this type of presentation.

    Gauntlett used YouTube to share the video presentation with viewers.  The YouTube video could be public or it could be made private but shareable by using YouTube's new unlisted sharing option.  YouTube's new unlisted sharing option provides a great way to create and share audio/video presentations in a teaching-learning experience.

    Gauntlett created a streaming video presentation that is a dynamic, enjoyable viewing experience.

    Rick Lillie (CalState, San Bernardino)