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    Bruce K Behn
    Feedback from AAA Spring Council Meeting, 2011
    discussion posted April 5, 2011 by Bruce K Behn 
    Feedback from AAA Spring Council Meeting, 2011

    1.  Which of the ideas and issues discussed do you believe are the most important to be included in the Pathways Commission’s recommendations?

    -       Accounting is fundamental to operating capital markets is key

    -       We need data

    -       Need to turn STEM into STEAM

    -       Need to optimize first course content

    -       Need signature pedagogy

    -       Competencies, do we need to review for future, technology

    -       Bringing the academic and practice community together is KEY to better research, teaching, and a better profession

    -       More emphasis needs to be put on PQ faculty, need more credit for practitioner articles

    -       Need to work on signature pedagogy for accounting

    -       Improving the rigor of the course and establishing better coordination with the accounting profession

    -       The accounting pathways need to be more dynamic

    -       Like the idea of including the complete supply chain

    -       We do need data to help us understand supply/demand, salary structure etc.

    -       Important to define and measure what accountants do

    -       Address how users learn about accounting

    -       Getting data on results of our education efforts & like salaries is very interesting

    -       Value proposition

    -       Gathering data

    -       The “Gathering Storm” is a good model

    -       Consider in Phase 2 looking at all of K-12 issues that impact college education

    -       Need to read new book on academic drift

    -       Students learn little firm two years in college, need to look at professors’ performance measurement

    -       Attracting the best and brightest

    -       Enhance image of accounting profession broadly defined

    -       We are so far behind in technology, we may make ourselves obsolete

    -       Should value proposition be defined by consumers given importance of starting salaries and how they reflect value

    -       Use COSO ERM approach

    -       Textbooks are the problem -  they are clones and foster uncreative thinking

    -       Attract top students

    -       Determine novel ways to present necessary knowledge content

    2.  Were there things discussed that you disagreed with or see differently?

    -       The entire high school/recruiting question is really 2 questions 1) avoiding negative/vocational perceptions of what accounting that come from student’s perceptions from “accounting “ classes in high school which really don’t effect what we do and 2) recruiting the best and brightest students into accounting.  AP/Dual credit is proposed as a strategy to both of these but maybe it solves that 2 questions

    -       Bookeeping in High School is the problem

    -       Too much focus on high school, need to fix our problems first

    -       Focus on AP test – Real question is what should be in the equivalent of a Junior level course

    -       Don’t see attracting students into the profession as a big issue, what do we do with them once we get them?, are we teaching them the right things, does the CPA exam test the right things?

    -       Don’t see why we need a value proposition

    -       Need to drop AP effort will never happen

    -       Don’t think we to answer Treasury’s department requests.  The accounting profession was not at fault for the financial crisis

    -       Do other business disciplines have the data (we) are seeking

    -       Do we have an accounting academy?

    -       Why do firms have to “train” new employees before the new employees start work?

    -       Much of the problem is that we are evaluated by the students, something must be done about current teaching evaluation system

    -       The burning platform maybe needs more work or better articulation.  The third bullet point is the best one right now

    -       Tension between grad only program vs high school

    -       I am not convinced that an accounting brand effort is going to make up for the limited perception accountants get out of tax/legal tumbles

    -       I still see way too much focus on auditing/CPAs.  Why is the AICPA even involved?

    -       What are firms paying an competitive salary for our accounting graduates?  We are part the problem, maybe we should limit supply

    3.  Are there additional issues/ideas you would recommend that the commission explore that were not discussed here?

    -       The may be really belong in Box 1, because it is reflective some, but I find the number of Ph.D. grads with not professional experience to be appalling.  There are many reasons for this, but two of them are the narrow range of what we consider “good’ and “rigorous” in the tenure review process and standards we use for evaluating the success of ph.d. programs.  I think this may also by a symptom of the the fact that we don’t have a dialogue with the profession.

    -       Some of what makes accounting interesting are the application of “higher order thinking skills.”  Some of the brain development that accompanies these skills occurs near the end of college.  This means that many students in K-14 are still developing the brain connections that enhance this (need to explore this more).

    -       I don’t think I heard anything about how to capitalize on the 150 hour inspired MAcc programs

    -       producers of financial information are important, but the value of accounting information will not be realized without education consumers

    -       While I think the accumulation of data that me do my job better.  I don’t think it is so important to spend time building up our brand or status

    -       Globalization and its impact on the commission

    -       Look at the system that Texas A&M is imposing on the evaluation of professors

    -       Has the profession ever considered fighting back on the stereotype of accountants, recently I lost a student to engineering because the engineering school said she had too much personality to be an accountant 

    -       Accounting as grad school only like law and medicine

    -       Need to incorporate information from the Jenkins report

    -       The role of ethics, sustainability, responsibility to the broader community are not being addressed.  Need to move further from the focus of CPAs.

    -       Need a television show that gives accountants a better image

    -       One burning platform issue is the concentration of public accounting firm consolidation.

    -       Need to emphasize the importance of accounting to entrepreneurship.