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    Susan Haka
    RSVP feature for meetings and time zones
    question posted May 8, 2009 by Susan Haka, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    RSVP feature for meetings and time zones

    I love the new RSVP feature in the committe hives for meetings. However, I have an upcoming conference call meeting with people in multiple time zones. When I post the time for the meeting, it only shows my time zone. What do committee members in other time zones see? Will they see my time zone or their time zone?

    RSVP time zone



    • Jane Saly

      This is a brand-new feature. You are quite correct that the time for the meeting reflects the time zone on the computer you are using to access the Commons. So all of the attendees will see the time reflected for their time zone. For example, if you take your computer (that shows Central time) to New York, it will still show times using Central time zone unless you change your computer's clock to Eastern. We recommend that you put the time (and time zone) in the title so people won't get confused.