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    Bootcamps 2015
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    Bootcamps 2015

    Come experience this innovative learning experience where faculty and practitioners work together to create a program that helps faculty incorporate current issues of practice into their classes and research! The Pathways Commission’s focus on enhancing the value of practitioner/educator exchanges led to the approach of the largest public accounting firms to support expanding a successful project of the Auditing Section of the AAA.  The enthusiasm of both the firms and the professors is astounding and in the coming year three more bootcamps are planned for management accounting, tax, and accounting information systems.

    Scheduled Bootcamps


    Scheduled Bootcamps

    • American Taxation Association – 2015 Midyear meeting, Thursday February 26, 2015
      • ATA Teaching and Curriculum Conference (registration is full)
      • Sponsored by KPMG
    • Auditing Section, Audit Bootcamp – June 23-25, Chicago, IL (seating is limited)
      • Sponsored by PwC
      • Description: The Auditing Section’s Educator’s Bootcamp is an annual 2-3-day training event for approximately 35 faculty members that includes exposure to and discussion of current practices/issues with practitioners and coverage of the pedagogical approaches to teaching the relevant topics.
    • Information Systems Section – Summer 2015 (more information coming soon!)
      • Sponsored by EY