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    Senior Editors' Update
    blog entry posted April 16, 2015 by Roger S Debreceny, tagged research, teaching 
    Senior Editors' Update
    Amazing as it seems to us, we are half way through our term as Senior Editors of the Journal of Information Systems. We bring you some updates on your journal.

    Forthcoming Commentary from Dan Stone

    In the Summer 2015 issue of Journal of Information Systems (and available "early online" at www.jisonline.com), Dan Stone offers a personal reflection on research fraud, with proposed lessons for the AIS community. Stone notes that many members of our research community have spent at least a portion of their careers researching how to identify fraud, and many of us apparently missed any evidence that fraud was probably being committed in our own community. Dan highlights the need for, and importance of, healing our community and literature. In this regard, Dan's recommendation include developing skepticism, recognizing the limited usefulness of the fraud triangle, noting the dysfunctional implications of agency theory, and adopting contemplative practices designed to increase observational awareness. We hope you will read this insightful commentary and share it with your colleagues.

    Information Packet on JIS

    We have previously mentioned the Information Packet on JIS that has been under development for some time. This project is now complete. Printed copies of the packet have been mailed to members of the section -- we hope that you will share the packet with others in your institution (e.g. Dean, Head of Department, Chair of Personnel Committee). Many of us labor in fields that are rather barren as far as an understanding from our colleagues of what goes on in the AIS field. We hope that the packet will be assist in understanding of AIS research and teaching. Copies of the packet will be distributed to attendees at the AIS Educators Association in June and will also be available at the Annual Meeting in Chicago. In addition, an electronic version of the packet is available at the JIS website (www.jisonline.com). We plan to update the packet biennially. We are keen to hear your feedback on how the packet might be enhanced in the next version.

    JISC2015 and JISC2016

    Elsewhere in the newsletter there is an item on the 1st JIS Research Conference (JISC2015) and a call for papers for the 2nd conference in Fall 2016. We were very happy indeed with the quality of the first conference. Diane Janvrin and David Wood labored mightily to assist us in putting on the conference. We can't thank them enough. Diane's assistant Jennifer Drahozal provided absolutely vital services for which we were very grateful indeed.

    We must mention the vital support of our sponsors. As you know, we worked with the AICPA in the running of the conference. This was a unique and highly productive co-operation between the AIS Section and, in particular, the IMTA Division of the AICPA. Special mention and thanks goes to Susan Pierce and all her staff and Chair of the Division Joel Lanz and his predecessor Donny Shimamoto. The division also supported access to data for two projects. In addition, the conference was sponsored by the Assurance Services Executive Committee of the AICPA with special mention and thanks to Amy Pawlicki, Director, Business Reporting, Assurance & Advisory Services and XBRL, AICPA. Amy has been a great supporter of the work of the section and the journal over the years and stepped up to the plate for JISC2015. And talking of great supporters of our work, special thanks go to Bob Cuthbertson of Caseware-IDEA who provided financial support as well, with the support of Auditmation, Inc. and ISACA Houston, access to data. A significant number of professionals from the IMTA and elsewhere in the profession supported the conference as reviewers and commentators. Without these friends and colleagues, the conference would not have been the success it was.

    The 2nd JIS research conference will be held in the Fall of 2016. For JISC2016, we are joined by Faye Borthick and Robyn Pennington who will edit the papers submitted to the conference. Eileen Taylor will chair the conference. As you can see from the enclosed CFP, the theme is "An Accounting Information Systems Perspective on Data Analytics and Big Data." We are working on sponsorship and location and will have an update for you in the next newsletter, no doubt.

    Follow JIS on Social Media

    You can follow JIS on Twitter @jiseditors and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jiseditors. We normally update when there are new papers published and for other key events in the life of the journal.

    Mary Curtis and Roger Debreceny
    Senior Editors