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    Andrea R Drake
    how do I change the security setting from private...
    question posted September 22, 2008 by Andrea R Drake, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    how do I change the security setting from private (locked) to restricted?



    • Julie Smith David

      Hi, Andrea -

      I think you're asking about the fields in your profile.  If you're like me, you want to make more information available to the community (rather than the private settings we used during the initial data load). Specifically, you can specify whether every individual field in your profile is open to the community (anyone with an AAACommons ID can see it), open to your network (the people icons that you've clicked on and turned yellow), or restricted (no one can see it but you). 

      To do this, when you're editing your profile, look at the right side of your screen, usually 1 line below the attribute you want to change.  You'll see the current status for the field, and then an "edit" link. Just click on that, and you can change the privacy settings.

      Let me know if this does it!