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    Auditor Industry Specialization and Evidence of Cost...
    research summary posted October 21, 2015 by Jennifer M Mueller-Phillips, tagged 05.0 Audit Team Composition, 05.02 Industry Expertise – Firm and Individual, 10.0 Engagement Management, 10.06 Audit Fees and Fee Negotiations 
    Auditor Industry Specialization and Evidence of Cost Efficiencies in Homogenous Industries.
    Practical Implications:

    The results of this study are important to audit firm clients, audit firms, and audit regulators as they evaluate the benefits and costs of industry specialization. For auditors and their clients, the evidence indicates that specialist auditors in homogenous industries, even when complex accounting is involved, achieve economies of scale that are passed on to clients. Clients in homogenous industries appear to benefit from a lower cost audit without a decrease in audit quality. Moreover, audit firms may benefit from increased client retention in these industries because of their expertise and competitive price. And, though audit regulators have expressed concern about concentration in the audit market, the results indicate that concentration can improve audit firms’ economies of scale in homogenous and complex industries without reducing audit quality. As audit clients, audit firms, and audit regulators consider industry specialization, this paper provides support for auditor specialization in homogenous industries.


    Bills, K. L., D. C. Jeter, and S. E. Stein. 2015. Auditor industry specialization and evidence of cost efficiencies in homogenous industries. The Accounting Review 90 (5): 1721-1754.

    auditor industry specialization, audit fees, economies of scale, homogenous industries, complex industries
    Purpose of the Study:

    Audit firms specialize in certain industries hoping to enhance audit quality and achieve lower costs through knowledge transfer across clients. There has been mixed evidence to date regarding audit pricing for firms in specialized industries; most studies indicate that auditors charge a premium on their services, while others indicate that auditors discount their services due to achieved economies of scale. This paper examines the audit pricing effects of auditor industry specialization based on specific industry characteristics. Specifically, the authors:

    • Investigate whether the specialist auditor’s pricing behavior varies based on industry characteristics, like an industry’s similarity (homogeneity) of operations and complex accounting requirements.
    • Investigate whether the pricing decisions by the specialist auditor in industries where auditors achieve economies of scale depend on client bargaining power.
    Design/Method/ Approach:

    The authors collected audit firm market share data, operating expense data for each industry, information about AICPA audit and accounting guides, as well as data necessary to calculate control variables on companies with data available in the Audit Analytics database and Compustat. The information collected on these companies was for years 2004-2009.

    • The authors find that industry specialist auditors serving client firms in non-homogenous industries charge a fee premium. However, audit fees are incrementally lower for client firms in homogenous industries and client firms in homogenous and complex industries. This indicates that specialist auditors achieve cost efficiencies that are passed to clients who operate in homogenous industries. Additionally, when the client firm displays a relatively high degree of bargaining power, specialist auditors exhibit significantly lower fees.
    • The authors find that non-specialist auditors can also realize cost savings in homogenous industries, but charge higher fees to client firms in complex industries. Specialist auditors charge incrementally higher fees than non-specialists to client firms in complex, but not homogenous, industries. 
    • The authors find that audit quality provided by industry-specialist auditors in homogenous, or homogenous and complex, industries are not significantly different from other industries. These results support that specialist auditors generate production efficiencies without sacrificing audit quality. 
    Audit Team Composition, Engagement Management
    Audit Fees & Fee Negotiations, Industry Expertise – Firm and Individual