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    Julie Smith David
    Make a poster: THIS is accounting!
    report posted August 15, 2013 by Julie Smith David, last edited June 22, 2016 by Mark Test VanZorn3 
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    Make a poster: THIS is accounting!

    We have had several professors ask us if they could make a poster for their department's office... and we thought that was a great idea!  So good, in fact, that we want to make it easy for everyone to do it!

    If you're interested, and you life near a FedEx Kinkos (we are not endorsing FedEx Kinkos - we are just sharing our experience with creating posters), here is all you have to do:

    1. Download the file below (click on the link and download it) and remember where it is stored.
    2. Go to this URL:
    3. Click the button to "Start Online Order" and then "Get Started"
    4. Click "Posters & Prints,"  the "Select Package"
    5. Click "Upload from your computer"
    6. Select the file that you downloaded in step 1
    7. Click "Continue to print options"
    8. Review and update the settings:
      1. Orientation:  Vertical
      2. Size: you pick
      3. Lamination: you can have matte or glossy (most people prefer matte.... but it's a matteR of taste!)
      4. Quantity:  1 or do you want more?
      5. Your screen should look similar to this:

    8.  Click the "Add to Cart" button

    9.  Review your order

    10.  Click "Check Out"

    11.  Enter your zip code to identify the FedEx Office location where you want the poster to print. Click Continue.

    12.  Pick the date and location (and whether you want to have it available for pick up or delivered).

    13.  Add your contact and payment information

    14.  Your poster will be printed and ready!