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    Julie Smith David
    Accounting: The language of business
    report posted June 20, 2014 by Julie Smith David, last edited June 22, 2016 by Mark Test VanZorn3 
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    Accounting: The language of business

    Pete and Carolyn Wilson have done a great job of showing how the "red picture" is really a subset of the "blue picture," and this artwork uses their ideas that accounting is the language of business, and the red picture is the grammar within it.

    Feel free to use this in your departments, textbooks, or other creative ideas you have ... Just remember to follow the CreativeCommons license requirements:  keep the license on the diagram, give attribution, don't change the diagram, and you can't make money from it.



    • David R.H. Layzell

      I really do like this diagram

      I know that it is intended to enliven  the first accounting class but it is valuable late in the degree when the student have finished absorbing rules in siloes and start to realize that they  will need to use the tools across the board

      david layzell

      Portland State University