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    Do you know what's new in your favorite journals?
    blog entry posted April 18, 2012 by Julie Smith David 
    Do you know what's new in your favorite journals?

    The new Digital Library platform has a lot of features that can help us stay on top of what's happneing in research, and it just takes a moment to sign up for alerts to make it automatic.  Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to the digital library
    2. Log in with your email address and Digital Library password
    3. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner;  this will bring you to your personal area within the Digital Library.
    4. Click on the Alerts tab (as shown at left)
    5. Want to receive table of contents alerts?  Just click by the journals, and they'll come automatically!
    6. Want to receive notices of articles before the journal is out?  Just specify how often you'd like to get the "Ahead of Print" alert.
    Let us know what you enjoy about the Digital Library - or what else you'd like to learn.  Just click on the "more..." link below, and add a comment - we'll get back to you!

    Having questions about the Digital Library?  Post them below, and we'll respond.  Or you can check out the support page here: