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    Jeffrey Doyle receives FASB 2012-2013 Research Fellowship
    news item posted March 28, 2012 by David Boynton, last edited March 28, 2012, tagged achievement 
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    Jeffrey Doyle receives FASB 2012-2013 Research Fellowship
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    Jeffrey Doyle receives FASB 2012-2013 Research Fellowship

    The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Doyle, George S. Eccles Chair in Capital Markets Research at Utah State University, has accepted the FASB 2012-2013 Research Fellowship, which will begin in July.  Jef earned his Ph.D. at University of Michigan and previously served on the faculty of University of Utah and as a visiting scholar at Stanford University.  Jef’s research examines factors associated with financial statement analysis, valuation, efficiency of capital markets, and earnings quality.  He has published scholarly articles in The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting and Economics, and Review of Accounting Studies, and he is the recipient of several awards related to research and teaching.  The FASB is delighted to have Jef on board.

    Each year, the FASB selects a member of the academic community to serve as a research fellow. The Research Fellowship Program began in 2007 and is a one year, in-residence position at the FASB in Norwalk, CT. The research fellow coordinates with the academic board member and staff directors to:

    • Review existing research pertinent to Board projects and mission. 
    • Act as liaison with key constituencies performing research to inform them about standard setting issues.
    • Coordinate sessions inviting lead researchers with cutting edge ideas to present their work to Board and staff.
    • Evaluate circumstances where new research could inform the standard setting process. Act as catalyst to encourage such research by others or to perform research on own.
    • Working with research project teams to facilitate timely completion of relevant research.
    • Report on results of Board-related research activities to key constituents (including FASAC and other advisory bodies) to help frame dialogue with the Board.

    Contact Lynn Rees (, 203-956-3472) to receive more information about the position, including how to apply for the program in the future.