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    Time for spring cleaning? How about updating your...
    blog entry posted March 12, 2012 by Julie Smith David 
    Time for spring cleaning? How about updating your Hasselback data?

    hasselbackThis year the American Accounting Association has been working with Jim Hasselback to make his faculty directory available on line.  Rolled out in the fall, schools that are activated are now searchable just by going to whenever you are online.

    The other big change is that now faculty can update their own data, rather than having their department chairs fill out forms on their behalf.  

    So, spring's a great time to reflect on your interests and your activities during the year, and make sure that they're being included in the Directory accurately.  Take five minutes to go to log in, using your AAA log in id and password, and udpate your information.

    And if your school hasn't been activitated, just let your department chair know that we can help to get you visibility in the next generation of the Hasselback Directory.