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    Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education
    blog entry posted December 21, 2013 by Richard E Lillie, tagged teaching 
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    Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education
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    I'm sure you have heard of Salman Khan and the Kahn Academy.  Through video recordings available through the Khan Academy,   Khan has demonstrated how video can be used as a tool to change the way we create instruction materials and share them with students.

    I've have been a fan of Khan's work for some time.  I've been mixing some of his video techniques with mind map diagrams that I created for my blended and online accounting courses.  Doing this has enabled me to create materials that are personal, informal, and repeatable.  A student can use the video materials to learn concepts outside of class at his(her) own pace.

    Below is a recent TED talk by Salman Khan titled "Let's use video to reinvent education."  Click the start icon (>) to view Khan's presentation along with follow-up comments by Bill Gates.  Gates is a major supporter of the Khan Academy.

    Khan offers interesting ideas that you could incorporate into your course design.  He offers excellent "food for thought."


    Rick Lillie (CSU San Bernardino)


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