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    Susan Haka
    How do region/section meeting teaching presentation...
    question posted May 22, 2009 by Susan Haka, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    How do region/section meeting teaching presentation materials link to Teacher2Teacher page?

    I saw a fabulous presentation (by Mark Holtzblatt, Roosevelt University) at the Ohio Region meeting that showed how to use IFRS Cyber-Guest lecturers (i.e. filmclips) in classes by embedding clips in powerpoint slides. After some prompting Mark posted the slides at the Ohio Region AAACommons site as part of the discussion associated with his presentation. However, when I go to Teacher2Teacher and look under either the IFRS or the International icons, the slides do not appear. Is it possible to have a link from teaching related region and section presentations to the teacher2teacher site? How could we make that work? Would it be possible for the region or section editorial board members to tag them in such a way that they would appear under the appropriate teacher2teacher icons?



    • Julie Smith David

      The teaching area pulls from any teaching resource hive... and, unfortunately, the presentations aren't in that type of hive.  We had thought that the region/section presentations wouldn't be a good fit, but perhaps we need to use tags and have the "teaching" presentations come into a panel... but I'm afraid we won't be able to get it into the specific course areas.

      Let's talk a little next week!