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    Richard W Kreissle
    Logging Out
    question posted August 25, 2008 by Richard W Kreissle, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    Logging Out

    When using my lap top provided to me by my college (Landmark) I generally don't tell programs to remember my log in and password.  With this in mind, I'm pretty sure I didn't click on the Remember Me box when I first logged in. 

    I noticed though that when I log out of AAA Commons, close out of my Internet connection, and then go back in, that my AAA log in name and password appeared even though I'm pretty sure I told the site not to remember me. 

    For security purposes I wouldn't mind seeing the site forget me when I logout and the Remember Me box isn't checked if possible.  Thanks as always and take care!


    Rich Kreissle, Landmark College, 802-387-6893



    • Judy Cothern

      Rich, thank you for pointing this out to us. This is the first I have heard of this type of problem and not having same experience myself,I was not aware there was a glitch. To be sure we are on the same page, when you return to the log in page for the Commons, your username and password are already filled in? We will check it out.