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    The Auditing Section’s New Initiative!
    blog entry posted June 18, 2012 by Judy Cothern 
    The Auditing Section’s New Initiative!

    Auditing Section Research Summary DatabaseAuditing Section Research Summary Database

    The Auditing Section’s new initiative—Auditing Section Research Summary Database—is available to the public through the AAACommons and is targeted to support practitioners. The Section has compiled a database of 15 research topics and each topic area has numerous sub-topics. The Section launched the project recently with over 130 topic-specific summaries and plans to continue to add more summaries over time.

    Check out this great new resource directly at or from the link on the Auditing Section's Commons Home Page.

    Thanks to the Auditing Section Leadership and Committee Members who contributed to make this initiative possible and especially all the Ph.D. Student Members who helped write the initial set of research summaries.