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    G. Peter Wilson earns AICPA's Distinguished Achievement...
    news item posted June 2, 2010 by Judy Cothern, last edited October 27, 2011 by Tracey Sutherland, tagged 2010, achievement, general news 
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    G. Peter Wilson earns AICPA's Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award
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    Wilson Earns AICPA's Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award

    G. Peter Wilson, Carroll School of Management at Boston College, was presented with the AICPA's Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award by Bob Harris, chair of the AICPA, during the Institute’s spring meeting.

    Upon acceptance of the award, Wilson talked about the importance of teaching students how to answer open-ended questions. He noted there is an over-reliance on testing students using multiple choice or true and false questions. “We put the next generation of CPAs at great risk,” he said. “The next generation will run the risk of being outsourced. Teach students to answer open-ended questions and [they] can gain competitive advantage by becoming proficient in this area.”


    The award recognizes those distinguished for teaching excellence and national prominence in the accounting profession. The award serves two functions – extending profession-wide recognition to the recipient as well as promoting role models in academia.

    Wilson received the award for his innovative teaching practices, which have encouraged his students to pursue careers in accounting. He is in the process of creating text and software targeted to those new to accounting. When complete, the text/software will integrate financial, managerial and tax reporting research, teaching and practice; procedural and conceptual skills; and the interplay between a reporting entity’s business and accounting decisions and decisions by users of its accounting reports.

    Aside from all that, Wilson served as a teaching consultant for the Big Four public accounting firms, and develops and teaches courses at major firms and two Fortune 50 companies.