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    Tim Naddy
    What ever happened to the Resident Scholar?
    question posted January 17, 2013 by Tim Naddy, last edited January 17, 2013, tagged academically qualified, career, employers, executive, job seekers, professionally qualified 
    What ever happened to the Resident Scholar?

    Just a general question related to a noticable absence of opportunities as it relates to Resident Scholar positions in industry.  I have always viewed the Resident Scholar as one who has the ideal academic life: one foot in teaching and research helping build the knowledge base and the other foot in industry where problems are defined and consulted upon using said research.  However, not many companies seem to be interested in this dynamic relationship any longer.

    So, my question is: Has the Resident Scholar position been phased out or are companies being more selective with whom they bring into their organization?

    If Resident Scholar positions do exist, then where do I go to find them?